Josh Meduri

Principal Consultant

Josh is based in Asheville and is a serial entrepreneur with a community focus. His biggest strength lies in his ability to see how individual pieces fit into the big picture and in communicating that in a relatable, no-nonsense way. He focuses his energy on helping clients navigate strategic decision-making and aligning their mission with their capacity in innovative ways. Josh has a diverse skill set that includes considerable experience in marketing, technology, real estate, and construction, and he uses that experience to guide projects that truly help public agencies and the communities they serve. What lights Josh up in his free time is playing with his four kids, reading, learning new things, and skateboarding every spare moment he finds. 

As a Principal Consultant for Carolina Creative Works, Josh provides web development, marketing strategy, strategic planning, survey & online meeting support, video services, and logistics and operational expertise to clients on a number of projects.

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