Rhyne Cureton

Agricultural Educator

Rhyne Cureton also known as “Pork” Rhyne is known across the country and even overseas as an international swine educator; educating experienced as well as new and beginning farmers on small-scale pork production. He has been invited to speak at several events including the Organic Grower Summit, Zingerman’s Camp Bacon, Carolina Meat Conference, and Southern S.A.W.G. on topics related to niche pig farming, increasing youth & diversity in agriculture & environmentalism, and consumer engagement.  During the summer, Rhyne travels to East African countries such as Uganda and Tanzania to train rural pig farmers on how proper livestock husbandry and health correlate to farm profitability as well as the importance of supply chain infrastructure and value-added opportunities for horticultural commodities.   Rhyne is a two-time recipient of the Future Organic Farmer Grant and was awarded for his long-term dedication towards teaching the implementation of organic practices in agriculture.   He was recognized for his pig wisdom as a contributor in the critically acclaimed book, “Farming While Black” by Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm.   Currently, he serves on several boards and committees for organizations such as Southern S.A.W.G., National Young Farmers Coalition, and EATBETA International.

Rhyne is the Agricultural Educator at Carolina Creative Works and teaches courses on agricultural business planning, farm and food safety, and other topics.