New ways of looking at old data

Our twelve-county regional food system assessment for Piedmont Triad Regional Food Council is now complete.

Although the project was challenging and the events of 2020 forced a significant change in the engagement strategies we used, the team at CCW is still proud to share the data modeling and analysis we used to provide a comprehensive overview of the food system in this region.

The report focuses on the major areas of food security, market analysis and economic assessment, food and farm production, supply chains, and community networks. In each area, we focus on equity challenges and successes to highlight opportunities in every aspect of the system to increase equitable and just access to food and food-driven opportunities.

Because we couldn’t collect a lot of our own data – and because the federal and state data we had was out of date almost immediately due to the pandemic – we had to get creative with projections and modeling in every research area. Finding new ways of looking at the same old data we’re used to was the blessing in disguise for our team in 2020.

The full report will be released in February 2021 and the online, interactive report can be seen here.

If you have questions about the regional council or how to get involved, please reach out to Jennifer Bedrosian, PTRFC Food System Coordinator, at

If you have questions about data modeling or similar projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to Emily!