Come join us for a GovTech Talk!

The team at CCW is excited to announce the launch of a new services package we’re calling GovTech Talks – a quick and agile way to help educate tech startups on how to work with the innovation labs that are local and regional governments!

Governments and tech startups haven’t yet found the right way to work together. That’s where we come in. We educate startups on how governments buy technology and how to effectively close deals with governments at all levels.

You can read more and sign up for an introductory call here.

Tech startups often forget that there are another 87,000 local, municipal, state and regional agencies in the U.S alone. Even before the pandemic, those agencies spent over $1.4 trillion annually on tech products, hardware, software, and services.

Startups can’t reach the markets they don’t see, and sometimes, the size of the federal government makes it hard to see the market share of every other agency in the country.

Government agencies – especially outside federal government – often don’t know how to connect with new tech. Yet they’re the perfect implementation lab to test a new product or service. They’re almost always actively looking for tech that meets their needs and not finding it from legacy suppliers, and they have solid, stable funding available to make those purchases.

For startups, selling to governments means capturing a market that’s expected to triple in growth in the coming years. Solving the tech to government pipeline problem is also probably humanity’s best chance to efficiently figure out how to make the world a better place – for the humans here now, for the planet, and for our communities, friends, and neighbors.