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Emily Edmonds

Engaging Farmers: Neglected Civic Engagement

All too often, decisions are made by diverse groups of stakeholders, but with little or no farmer representation. This can lead to expensive mistakes – such as grant-funded community kitchens that are hardly ever used – as well as to increased distrust between farmers and the government, nonprofit, and educational agencies that aim to support them.

#13percent: women in the holler

We know that women in rural areas face many unique challenges. Disparities in healthcare lead to more significant health issues. Rural women face depression almost twice as often as their urban counterparts and have fewer years of higher education. Entrepreneurial women are founding 30% of all the businesses in this country, but only 6.5% of companies have a female CEO.

Engaging Citizens: ACC Edition

He calls it being proactive: “It’s about the community being more forward-thinking; being proactive as a community with the government assisting, not always leading.” That’s a great concept to remember in our own engagement work: that government – especially at the local level, where the sphere of influence is smaller – doesn’t always have to lead. Sometimes, they just need to listen.

Gratitude for Local Gov on the Fourth of July

But it’s the Fourth of July, and everything smells like grill smoke, and for the past four nights we’ve all been falling asleep listening to far-off fireworks. It’s a strange holiday this year, with so much political division and screaming headlines, but that reminds me even more strongly how important it is. There’s one group of people across the country who are, unlike you and I, working on this Tuesday, and they work for your local governments...

Local Foods Webinar

Local food is trendy these days – but will it last? This webinar provides an overview of the strong and steady growth in demand for locally produced foods across the U.S. and a big-picture look at the many value chains that make up local and regional food systems and how local governments can support them.