Gratitude for Local Gov on the Fourth of July

But it’s the Fourth of July, and everything smells like grill smoke, and for the past four nights we’ve all been falling asleep listening to far-off fireworks. It’s a strange holiday this year, with so much political division and screaming headlines, but that reminds me even more strongly how important it is. There’s one group of people across the country who are, unlike you and I, working on this Tuesday, and they work for your local governments...

Urban vs. Rural: Citizen Engagement Edition

It highlights the need for advocates of citizen engagement to provide more nuanced and custom approaches to citizen engagement that can work for both rural and urban communities – where there are often different cultural norms, values, and lifestyles.

Local Foods Webinar

Local food is trendy these days – but will it last? This webinar provides an overview of the strong and steady growth in demand for locally produced foods across the U.S. and a big-picture look at the many value chains that make up local and regional food systems and how local governments can support them.