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PTRFC Event: Learn – Build – Eat

The Piedmont Triad Regional Food Council is excited to share the findings from the Regional Food Assessment. Throughout 2019-2020, The Piedmont Triad Regional Food Council worked with Carolina Creative Works to conduct a comprehensive regional food system assessment for the…

Food Equity in the Triad

We’re hosting a series of webinars with one of our favorite clients, the Piedmont Triad Regional Food Council. We’re using this as an opportunity to test different remote engagement strategies, since our planned outreach in this 12-county region was interrupted…

Engaging Farmers: Neglected Civic Engagement

All too often, decisions are made by diverse groups of stakeholders, but with little or no farmer representation. This can lead to expensive mistakes – such as grant-funded community kitchens that are hardly ever used – as well as to increased distrust between farmers and the government, nonprofit, and educational agencies that aim to support them.