work ethic

what we believe

We believe in doing good work with good people.
We partner with you – directly and equally, without any of the typical consultant fluff – to build stronger communities and to realize your vision for every project.
We are dedicated to changing the paradigm of consulting in a way that brings dignity, talent, passion, and dedication to communities across the country, the agencies who serve them, and the team members with whom we share this work.

how we work

We do this by building the best team possible to meet your needs, customized to your project and vision. We create deliverables that are accessible, relevant, and easy to understand and share with your stakeholders.
We scope projects that are based on your needs and your budget – not ours. We collaborate with you on practical, doable solutions.
We never stop educating ourselves and others about new tools, technology, and ideas that improve the quality and efficiency of our work. And most importantly, we ensure that equity is built into every program we undertake.

our standards

We are selective in the projects we approach, because we believe that each project is a chance to build partnerships that will last for decades, and because we plan to work with our clients for a long time to make our communities better places to live, work, and play.
We are focused on building projects that reach disadvantaged communities first and that have a real impact on our clients and the regions they serve.
We emphasize the hiring and professional development of women, who are often underrepresented in the agricultural field in particular, and in finding people whose passion transcends traditional career and educational paths. Our core team of women entrepreneurs shares a wealth of experience in research and engagement and are supported by a team of diverse, dedicated experts in a number of fields.
We are eager and enthusiastic supporters of leveraging existing resources, implementing new tools and methods, and engaging funders as partners in the long-term work of building stronger economies that serve and support all communities.
We believe in equity, quality, and relationships. If you share these values, we’d love to meet you.

our favorite projects

Feasibility studies & analysis: We have experience in developing feasibility studies for nontraditional market entities and for public-private partnerships without a traditional model. We enjoy building data models that rely on both large national datasets and first-level original data to get granular data that reflects your community’s real needs.

Community & regional research: We love building engagement strategies that allow us to capture what’s really going on at the community and regional level. That’s what allows us to provide the clearest and most detailed information to help leaders make equitable decisions that use resources wisely. We are experienced in working with large datasets from a number of providers – both government and private – to access and build baseline data that we can customize through surveys, targeted outreach, and analysis of local data.

Policy analysis & research: Building good policy takes good research – but it’s more than that, too. Good policy builds on a foundation of good data and then considers best practices, lessons learned, and successes from similar communities across the state and around the nation. Good policy is willing to innovate, testing solutions that are built around your unique needs before setting in stone the parameters of programs that affect people’s lives. We really, really love getting into good policy – and figuring out what went wrong with not-so-good policy – with the clients we serve.